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Charlottesville Area News and Events

Coffee—there’s no doubt that for many of us, it wakes us up, perks us up, and fuels our social gatherings. Whether you prefer it bold and black, tempered with cream, or sweetened with flavored syrups, there’s a coffee for you.
Beer and New Year’s Eve have always seemed to go hand-in-hand, so what better way is there to celebrate than at an actual local brewery? Devils Backbone, Wild Wolf and Blue Mountain Brewery are providing great food, good music, and of course, fantastic libations to help ring in 2014.
If you caught of one our past Afton Mountain blogs about Charlottesville, Virginia’s Michie Tavern, then you’ll understand why we promote all of its wonderful offerings—traditional colonial cuisine, period costumes, self-guided tours, and shopping at the tavern’s General Store.
“Her thin fingers, moving In the thin, tall strings, Were weav-weav-weaving Wonderful things.” --From The Harp Weaver by Edna St. Vincent Millay
The stores may be telling you that Christmas is coming, but we know you haven’t forgotten Thanksgiving! Your usual Thanksgiving plans probably include getting together with friends and family, viewing the televised Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and filling up on turkey, mashed potatoes, and various cranberry-flavored concoctions. That’s all well and good, but why not do...
If you’ve been following our blog and social media profiles for a while, then you know we enjoy the fantastic local wineries, vineyards, and breweries, as well as Afton, VA's brand new distillery. What you may not hear much about is the local hard cideries. We feel that these cideries are vastly underappreciated, so we’ve decided to highlight a few of our favorites for your...
“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” ― Mark Twain With a wide range of local breweries, wineries, vineyards, and cideries, it’s no surprise that this area of Virginia is a popular libation destination, and now Nelson County is taking it a step further. In spring of 2014, we will have the pleasure of welcoming a distillery to our area.
Edible Landscaping is an apt name for a local company in Afton, Virginia. The plants that they cultivate and sell are not only aesthetically beautiful to observe, but they are also delicious and nutritious to consume.  With everything from edible bamboo to blueberries to figs and pomegranates, the variety is huge. Have you ever wanted a wintergreen plant of your own? Red dragon fruit?...
“CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Feb. 10. -- J. Samuel McCue, formerly Mayor of this city, was hanged in the county jail here at 7:34 o'clock this morning for the murder of his wife on Sunday, Sept. 4, 1904.” These are the words that readers of the New York Times would have seen on the morning of February 11, 1905.
“Lo! sweeten'd with the summer light, The full-juiced apple, waxing over-mellow, Drops in a silent autumn night.” --Alfred Lord Tennyson If someone says “autumn,” what comes to mind? The word most likely elicits thoughts of pumpkin spice lattes, red and orange leaves, boots and scarves, warm mugs of cider, and harvest parties. The latter thought is especially relevant...